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Description: Hot-cold repairing gel to alleviate and repair muscle fatigue. Suitable for feet, join..
Description: Atlantia Aloe Vera: Comes from controlled organic farming in the Canary Islands. Cold stabilis..
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ATLANTIA AFTERSUN  Soothing after-sun milk
Description: Smooth and refreshing formula with Canarian Aloe vera. Soothing and moisturizing effect, helping t..

UK Supplier of Atlantia Aloe Vera Natural Products

Welcome to Atlantia UK Ltd

Introduction of Atlantia

Atlantia product line combines the traditional and well-known properties of aloe vera, with the latest technology and innovation developed by our R&D department.
According to studies, the aloe vera produced in the Canary Islands has extraordinary skin regenerative properties. The climate, trade winds and the volcanic soil mean that Canarian aloe vera contains higher amounts of active ingredients, increasing the efficacy of our products.

The aloe vera utilized in our products is organic and is not derived from concentrates. All products used where possible are natural ingredients our ‘cold-processing’ method ensures the preservation of active aloe vera ingredients. By utilising the finest raw materials and applying strict quality controls, we ensure that all our products not only comply with European standards, but are of the finest quality in the world, with an aloeverosa concentration of over 2000mg/l. A team of pharmacists develop all the products and processing is undertaken under the strictest quality controls, testing.

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